Real-time Cinematic Tension Instrument


 • Score in real-time with smart X-Y tension control

 • 1000+ production-ready orchestral and hybrid sound sources

 • Design clusters with unparalleled depth





The performance instrument for playing spine-chilling atmospheres, clusters, and hybrid textures.

Dramatic Sound Design


Composers and sound designers are in need of dramatic sounds to create tension and underscore the visuals. The idea behind Thrill is the dynamic control of dynamically composed and recorded sample sets, that evolve and intensify their sound. Using the central X-Y performance controller, the tension of each sound can be increased and the sound morphed and modulated in real-time.

The Interface


The heart of Thrill is the X-Y pad located in the center of the interface. It is used to control the tension (Y-axis) or a sound and morph between two sounds (so-called Thrills) on the X-axis in real-time. Each Thrill can consist of two multi-layer source sounds and additional effects, which are also modulated via the Y-axis.

Orchestral & Hybrid


Thrill features over 1000 original sources, ranging from orchestral recordings to a variety of specifically recorded and designed hybrid sound textures. This way, the modern approach of blending and morphing the musical score with the sound design of a movie, television series or a computer game is made possible within the same instrument.

Customize Deeper


Thrill has a wide range of tools for individual sound design by combining the 1000+ source sounds with X-Y-controlled modulation effects, different blend modes, custom clusters, or effect convolution. Besides manual control, an extensive randomize feature can be used to create new sounds by rolling the dice.

THRILL’s cluster designer features eight voices at definable intervals to fine-tune individual build-ups or even create clusters from scratch.

Real-Time Scoring


THRILL’s X-Y control offers unparalleled fusion of sound design and performance. X intelligently crossfades the selected sounds while Y builds the energy and anxiety, as the sources and assigned parameters move through layers of tension. THRILL is also ideal for trackpad or tablet control, for a real-time scoring experience like no other and an unprecedented level of sound-to-video interaction.




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