Virtual Piano Libraries

Cinematic Sound Libraries

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Virtual Piano Libraries

Una Corda


A unique and modern upright piano for an instant contemporary piano sound featuring three different instruments: a Pure piano, a Felt and a Cotton preparation.

Definitive Piano Collection


Three exquisitely sampled pianos deliver the perfect sound for any production task.

The Giant


THE GIANT captures the sound of the world's biggest upright piano to deliver an intense, dynamic playing experience.

Vintage D


An iconic grand piano – a true legend of its class. Richie Beirach called it 'The best piano in the world’.

Vienna Grand


An exceptionally powerful and vibrant 290 cm Grand Piano featuring an extra octave.

1929 German Baby Grand


A Vintage Baby Grand from 1929 with an extraordinary intimate and warm sound character.

Cinematic Sound Libraries


The performance instrument for playing spine-chilling atmospheres, clusters, and hybrid textures.



The ultimate suspense instrument for spine-chilling, cinematic build-ups with exclusive sounds.

Galaxy X


X is a CONVOLUTION SYNTHESIZER, bringing an extremely powerful and creative sound design tool at your disposal: FX CONVOLUTION.



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