Definitive Piano Collection


High-Definition Acoustic Pianos


• Three distinctive pianos for a special bundle price

• State-of-the-art sample quality for rich, dynamic performance

• Wide range of tweakable, hyper-detailed sounds

Perfect Pianos


Three exquisitely sampled pianos deliver the perfect sound for any production task. Together, these pianos offer unprecedented detail, and a varied and nuanced sonic range – from pristine realism to evocative washed-out ambiences. Get the flagship piano collection for a special bundle price.

The Grandeur


The rich, hyper-detailed sound of one of the world’s most treasured concert grand pianos. A dynamic, singing piano for everything from pop to classical.

The Maverick


An expressive and distinctive vintage grand piano. Sampled in meticulous detail for authentic tone  character, best suited to pop, rock, urban, and jazz.

The Gentleman


A classic upright piano built in 1908 with all original parts still intact is the foundation of this instrument. It delivers a balanced tone, a wide dynamic range and a beautiful, lush sound.



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Grand Piano Collection


• Three unique grand pianos for a special bundle price

• Brilliant sample quality for dynamic playing

• Wide variety of rich sounds with a powerful interface